A Breakthrough
Discovery for the
Immune System.

In over 40 years of research, SanRx has developed a growing number of patented breakthrough immune-boosting compounds, based on the naturally-occurring human small molecule "pterin." From these developments, SanRx has identified proprietary nutra- and pharmaceuticals, which led them in 2012 to identifying ImmunoPterin™, a potent immune boosting formulation of calcium chloride and folic acid. ImmunoPterin is the only supplement specifically designed to produce immune-boosting pterins.

In published early testing by reputable third-party laboratories, the natural compounds discovered by SanRx suggest a strong ability to boost the human immune system against a number of immune imbalance conditions.

Pterins (from the Greek pteron = wing) are naturally-occurring heterocyclic compounds responsible for the vibrant color of butterfly wings. These pterins are the natural basis for the patented compounds SanRx has developed; Pterin+Calcium™, which will be sold as a dietary supplement; DCP™, which will be developed and sold as a prescription drug; and ImmunoPterin, the vitamin/GRAS formulation.

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