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Billions of dollars are spent on nutra- and pharmaceutical developments and treatments every year. Based on the ads run on the evening news, very few of these developments can say they are without toxic side effects, even after all the money spent on FDA-required testing.

SanRx strongly believes that its unique pterin-based nutra- and pharmaceutical compounds have the potential to treat some of the world's biggest immune imbalances without toxicity or challenge to manufacture, for little cost. If you are interested in funding research to potentially eradicate major immune imbalances in the world – and realizing a return on your investment – let's talk.

SanRx Plan

SanRx's third product offering, ImmunoPterin began sampling in September of 2012, and became available in quantity in January of 2013. ImmunoPterin is a proprietary compound consisting of folic acid (vitamin B9) and calcium chloride, a GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe by FDA) salt.

Based on independent laboratory analyses, SanRx's patent-pending combination of calcium chloride and folic acid in ImmunoPterin makes it the only known supplement specifically designed to produce pterins – potent, naturally occurring immune boosting compounds.

SanRx scientists have spent over 40 years researching the potentially disease-fighting properties of pterins, a naturally occurring group of small molecules found in humans. From this extensive research both pharmaceutical (DCP™) and nutraceutical (Pterin+Calcium™) solutions emerged, requiring extensive and expensive FDA testing. Through evaluation of preliminary test results, SanRx concluded its proprietary ImmunoPterin could provide the same disease fighting benefits in a vitamin/GRAS supplement, eliminating the need for extensive FDA testing, and allowing for its immediate availability.

ImmunoPterin contains one of the most bio-available forms of calcium, calcium chloride, which provides enhanced cellular uptake for maximum nutritional benefits. In addition to calcium chloride, ImmunoPterin contains folic acid, which supports the creation of DNA (the body's genetic information) and overall health by promoting normal DNA function and replication. It also supports healthy heart, brain and memory function, balanced moods and is essential to proper fat metabolism.

ImmunoPterin = Calcium Chloride + Folic Acid = Pterins,
which provide potent protection of the body's immune system.

A body of scientific literature has evaluated the findings that folic acid and calcium pterins (which SanRx has been researching for 40 years and are of similar chemical structure) enhance the immune system.

In January of 2012, SanRx began to seek partners to license the patented ImmunoPterin. Since then, SanRx has engaged in proof of concept research that compared the benefits of its patented Pterin+Calcium with ImmunoPterin. ImmunoPterin requires no FDA clinical trials as it is composed of pre-approved vitamin and GRAS substances.

SanRx has developed two versions of similar natural compounds: Pterin+Calcium™, which will be sold as a dietary supplement; and DCP™ (dipterinyl calcium pentahydrate), which will be developed and sold as a prescription drug. Both of which require FDA mandated trials.

Barriers to Entry

SanRx was issued a patent on February 16, 2010 for DCP as a compound. DCP is one of over 100 pterin complexes that have been patented by SanRx. Broad, offensive-type, composition of matter, methods of use, and pharmaceutical composition patents have been issued for these compounds. Therefore, SanRx has exclusive rights to these pterin-based formulations.